Tepih FUN Teepee za djecu, uzorak Indijanac, okvir krem

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visina flora: oko 8 mm

težina: oko 1,80 kg/m2

vrsta vlakana: 100% Polipropilen Soft Friese

gustoća runa: 160.000 pkt/m2

zemlja proizvodnje: Purica

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Create a comfortable and safe place for your child to play with rugs from the FUN collection

There is no doubt that children cannot be looked after sometimes. As soon as they start crawling, they are everywhere. That is why it's so important to protect the surfaces on which they move. Rugs are not only a beautiful decoration that adds charm to a child's room, but above all they create a safe space thanks to their soft fibers.
The rugs from the FUN collection will help to create a safe and very comfortable play zone for the youngests. They are made of extremely soft Friese polypropylene, which effectively protects against cold floors. These rugs are made with care for the health of kids - this product is safe for children who are struggling with allergies.
The FUN collection goes beyond the standard, children's decorations.

Their design encourage fun and activity. Every child will love the multitude of colours and beautiful patterns.

The FUN TEEPEE model presents a theme loved by every little explorer - an Indian tent. This pattern will surely stimulate the imagination, encouraging many hours of fun and learning about the world. In addition, beautiful colours and a pleasant structure will make other games on the floor pure pleasure. The rug will blend in beautifully with the arrangement of a child's room, giving a lot of warmth and comfort.

Characteristic features of the FUN collection carpets:

- A beautiful pattern combined with expressive colours will emphasize the childish nature of the room and encourage you to play and discover the world;
- Soft Friese polypropylene used in production is a very soft and durable prostirkaerial. Additionally, it is completely safe for people with allergies;
- You can easily fit them into any size interior. The size range ranges from 80 x 150 cm up to 280 x 370 cm;
- They have the OEKO-TEX certificate, which confirms the composition that is safe for people and the environment;
- They are also perfect for the use with underfloor heating.

The rugs from the FUN collection are the perfect combination of elegance and comfort in a child's edition. The child's room will have a completely different, fairy-tale character, and above all, it will become very safe. Slipping on panels or cold floors will no longer be an issue!

FUN rug - soft, warm and safe. Perfect for your child's room!


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